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Thanks for stopping by.  Please enjoy the pictures and information.  Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions. Call To Set up a Farm Tour 254-231-2489

Babydoll Sheep

We have lots of babydoll lambs available every spring.  Contact us to sign up for our waiting list.

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Meet Our Alpacas

We have many alpacas and they are always ready for a visit.

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Farm Store

Don’t Forget to visit our farm store when you visit.  It is full of great stuff made here on the farm.

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Bulldog Puppies!

From Our Family to Yours

From time to time we have English Bulldog Puppies available here on the farm. Click to see what is available

About Us

Our Story

In 1999, our family was moved to Texas from Arizona by the US Air Force.  When we got to Texas we wanted land.  But with our family of 7 we could either get land with a small house or a big house with no land.  So, we opted from big house since we home schooled and lived in our house 24/7.  But we still wanted land and a farm…

Starting a Store

In 2016 we were still looking for land and by this time we were also looking for space for our retail shop – Wendaful Scrapbooks –  We told the realtor ” We want land and  a store, whichever you find for us first we will buy”.  We found a wonderful old Victorian in downtown Temple, and the shop brick and mortar was born.  But we still wanted land…

Still Looking for Land

In 2010, we closed our brick and mortar shop in the old victorian and moved back into our subdivision home.  Our kids will still small and the shop took all of our time.  But we were still looking for land…

Starting the Farm

In 2016, we finally found the land we had been looking for and moved onto our new forever property.  We started acquiring animals right away by getting our first 6 chickens and 4 ducks only 2 weeks after moving in.  Then we got 4 goats, then a cow and another cow, then a horse , and then a horse.  And we just kept going until Darling Hill Farm was born.

The Craft and Farm Store is Born

Kevin and Wenda Elliott and family have lived at Darling Hill Farm since February 2016. We are building our homestead business around Wenda’s Wendaful Scrapbooks and Quilts craft store and selling homegrown and farm produced products under our Darling Hill Farm country store name in conjunction with the craft business, expanding the business as we go. Kevin is a retired U.S. Air Force veteran and member of the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) selling Darling Hill Farm’s agricultural products under the FVC’s Homegrown By Heroes label.
We currently have Southdown Babydoll miniature sheep and Huacaya alpacas for fiber/wool products and breeding and selling. Added to this, Darling Hill Farm breeds and sells Nigerian Dwarf and Pygmy mix goats with a future plan to raise alpine goats for goat milk soap and other goat milk products. We also raise chickens and ducks for selling fresh eggs. A horse, Jersey cows, and donkeys round out our menagerie of animals. Patrons of Wendaful Scrapbooks and Quilts and Darling Hill Farm country store are welcome to enjoy our farm with a tour and meet and take pictures of the animals.
Darling Hill Farm country store currently sells a variety of baked and canned goods for our customer’s enjoyment. Darling Hill Farm jams are seasonally available. Darling Hill Farm baked goods star our peanut butter cereal bars and our ultimate oatmeal, chocolate candy pieces, and peanut butter Monster cookies. Alpaca and sheep fiber/wool products such as yarn, socks, and batting will be available in Fall 2019.
We look forward to having you, your family, and friends visit and enjoy Darling Hill Farm and country store.
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Border Collies are not just for Sheep

Border Collies are not just for Sheep

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